Aireca is a smart, earth-loving air monitoring system that leverages the power of plants to clean the air in your home, naturally.

In collaboration with Lance Green

Under the guidance of Rinat Aruh and Johan Liden of Aruliden



Aireca was developed in response to the design brief of “reimagining home monitoring.” As we move into a future where monitoring is becoming more prevalent, designers Julia Plevin and Lance Green feel strongly that we are in an critical time of shaping what monitoring looks like. They explain, “Monitoring doesn't have to feel stark and techy. It can help us measure the natural world, too.”

We think of our homes as a safe haven from the evils of air pollution, but scientific research indicates that the indoor environment may be as much as 10 times more polluted than the outdoor environment. And since Americans spend ninety percent of their lives indoors (especially during the frigid winter), good indoor air quality is a main factor for good health.

It’s common to look to technology for a solution, but plants are natural air purifiers.

In 1989 NASA conducted the Clean Air Study and determined the top 50 plants for purifying air. As space stations are closed environments, it is really important to clean the air.  According to the study, the Areca Palm was the most effective air-cleaning houseplant.

That’s how Aireca came to be:


Aireca is a dual-component kit that helps make sure your plants are as happy and healthy as can be so that they can do their do: improving the overall air quality in your home. 

Air is something that we don’t yet monitor as closely as we could. Our goal was to create a product that improves the air by seamlessly combining nature with technology.  No one really wants another white box in their home.

Set Up Instructions

The product has three components: a hub, seed, and sensor, along with an accompanying app. Setting up Aireca is simple and straightforward.

Mobile App
1. Download the Aireca app from the app store
2. Enable Bluetooth on your smartphone
3. Come back to the app to track your plants and see your indoor air has improved!

Aireca Hub
4. Plug into an outlet
5. Hold down the button until it turns white, confirming connection to your phone

Aireca Seed
6. Plug into the hub
7. Hold down the button on the seed until it turns white, confirming connection to the hub
8. Remove from hub and plug into sensor

Aireca Sensor
9. Stick the sensor with the attached seed into the soil next to one of your Clean Air Study plants.
10. Tap the button on the seed once, a breathing light confirms information is being pulled



You only ever need one air-monitoring hub and can purchase more seeds and stakes for all your houseplants. The plants are not included, but there are recommendations for plants to buy on the app. By the time someone unboxes Aireca, they will have it all set up, know how it works, and have the corresponding app good to go. There is no need for an added instruction manual.

Sketches by Lance Green

Sketches by Lance Green